Cumming Garden Club

Shirley Puch, Linda Hardie & Chuck Baumrucker
weed garden in April 2017

After seeing the courtyard and its accessibility to the 

Head Start Facility

Courtyard Garden ... Chairman, Chuck Baumrucker

Once it was part of a hospital; now it houses a Head Start Program. The Director, Cheryl Hoge, invited members of Cumming Garden Club to visit their defunct Courtyard Garden, which was an overgrown and neglected jumble of weeds and plants (both living and dead)! Some classroom windows look directly out at this garden area.

Head Start students, Cumming Garden Club decided that it indeed was a worthwhile project! The original design, minus the fountain (see montage below left), could be reestablished and improved. Weeding, pruning and planting started in Spring 2014, and has been ongoing. A sign was installed during National Garden Week in 2015.

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