Cumming Garden Club

Cumming Garden Club holds a flower show every two to three years, so that each Club president (under a two-year term) has an
​            opportunity to host a show. Shows
            presented here occurred in 2010
            (​Southern Breeze), 2012 (HomeCumming
            on the Mountain
) and 2015 (Patriotic
​). Each of these shows received
​            a First Place award for Flower Show
​            Achievement.

2010 Design

2015 Horticulture

2012 Youth

Flower Shows are open and free to the public, and are presented under the guidelines of National Garden Clubs, Inc.

A show may be staged in a public building (Standard Flower Show, Patriotic Flower Show or Holiday Flower Show), or in a member's home (Home Standard Flower Show). Design, horticulture and special exhibits (youth, craft, educational) are required and are scored by NGC judges.
​If overall scoring for a Show is high enough, the Club may submit award applications to its affiliate state, region and national clubs.

Flower Show Basics