A Grand Gardeners club is not required to:

*  Hold monthly meetings, but meets as dictated by members’ ability.

*  Have elected officers, but would designate a Group Leader to serve as a contact
​   person with the State Garden Club Chairman. A Secretary/Treasurer may be
​   appointed to collect dues and handle the funds of the group and any records
​   deemed necessary.

*  File an annual President's Garden Club Activity Report, but would keep in
​   touch with the State Garden Club Chairman.

*  Participate in organized projects, but would be encouraged to attend state,
​   regional or national functions.

Cumming Garden Club II, which meets evenings, is a Grand Gardeners group. As defined by National Garden Clubs, Inc., Grand Gardeners is a club membership status established for those clubs whose members are no longer able to perform demanding tasks but still have an interest in environmental issues, design techniques and gardening; the fellowship of meetings; and who wish to participate in state garden club activities when possible. Benefits and dues remain the same
as for active club status.


This membership carries the same privileges and benefits
of a regular membership except is not eligible for state,
​regional ​and national awards.

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